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Python for Fundamental Equity Analysts

With this bootcamp, you will learn the essentials of Python to advance your analyst skills to the next level.

We can teach you:

- website scraping

- automation

- backtesting

- databases

- data science

- data analytics

- interactive dashboards

- pulling data from APIs

- natural language processing

- machine learning

All levels are welcome, we can start from the basics or customize the learning experience to your needs.

What we offer: 

We will help you learn transferable skills to become a more efficient analyst. You will not be afraid anymore of wrangling with a lot of data, or automating time-consuming repetitive tasks. You will also develop intuition for what can be automated or not given the state of current technologies. If particular problems are of direct interest, we can focus the bootcamp on learning the tools to solve them.

Who is this training for?

- Junior or experienced analysts who want to use what modern technology has to offer to stay relevant in their job.

Contact us if you are interested in learning more.

For individual coaching:   HKD 20,000 for 8 x 1 hour.

For a group of 3 analysts: HKD 40,000 for 8 x 1 hour.

Python for Analysts
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Algorithm & Data Structure Training for Interviews

This algo training course is based on the training received by national teams qualified for international olympiads.

The course is hands-on heavy.

Algorithms and problem solving is a discipline you learn best through intense practice.

Algo and data structure questions have been mainstream in Big Tech companies' interviews for long, but we have noticed that this type of question is also becoming standard in the hedge fund and asset management industry with a shift from Econ quants to Math & CS quants in their staff. More hiring managers being Math & CS quants means more olympiad-like algorithmic problems at interviews.


Many of the exercises proposed in this course have become interview classics.


Contact us if you are interested in the training.

1-on-1 Training (~2 months): HKD 10,000 total

4-on-1 Training (~2 months): HKD 20,000 total


Nathan helped HKML EduTech design the Algorithm & Data Structure training based on his experience interviewing, working, and hiring for top companies.

Nathan is a graduate from MIT. He gained experience working as an applied machine learning engineer at Apple, before switching to quant finance, first as a Quant Researcher, then as a Quant Trader.

Nathan is now an entrepreneur, co-Founder of Rockit, a space for sports and wellness instructors.

Algo & Data Structures

Introduction to Systematic Crypto Trading: Building the crypto bot infrastructure

This course should be of interest to undergrads who want to get into the crypto trading space.

You will learn about the basics of automation (connecting to the Binance exchange via REST API to pull data and submit trading orders; running your bot 24/7 in the cloud on an AWS EC2 instance), and crypto data analysis (distributions of returns, risk and portfolio construction). Upon completion of this introductory course, you will have all the keys in hand to start building your own track-record as a crypto quant trader.

Contact us if you are interested in learning more.

For individual coaching (~2 months): HKD 4,000 total

For groups of 4 people (~2 months): HKD 12,000 total

At HKML EduTech, we noticed that skills for the automation of trading operations were in high demand, but (Hong Kong) Universities were not preparing their students well to this new reality of the job market.

This is why we asked Chris to prepare a hands-on learning experience to improve students success in today's job market in the crypto trading and tech space.

Chris is a graduate from HKUST with previous experience in designing crypto trading strategies for a Korean firm.

Eun Seok (Chris) Kang.png

After completing this course for HKML EduTech, Chris got an offer from Polymer Capital Management, a market-neutral Asia focus hedge fund. 

Crypto Trading

Systematic trading strategies for cryptos

This course is based on the experience of top quant traders. You will learn to look at markets from a different angle. Forget everything you read on the web about candlesticks, technical patterns, and other fool's errands retail traders seem fond of, but are never ever applied in serious systematic quantitative hedge funds.

Contact us if you are interested in learning more.

For individual coaching (~4 months): HKD 30,000 total

For groups of 4 people (~4 months): HKD 60,000 total

What we offer: 

We will help you design real trading signals that can be deployed in the crypto markets.

For promising signals, we will commit substantial capital for trading them so that you can start building a trading track record. A good track record will be useful to get into top crypto hedge funds and prop shops.

It will also boost applications to other systematic quant firms (systematic equities, macro).


Who is this training for?


- STEM students wishing to get into crypto trading

- Existing finance professionals interested in deepening their understanding of systematic trading 


Active Portfolio Management: A Quantitative Approach for Producing Superior Returns and Controlling Risk


This book has become the reference in systematic quantitative trading, so much so that top quantitative hedge funds like Two Sigma and G-Research (among many others) ask their new joiners to read it. It can also be spotted on the desk of many senior quant researchers and traders, as a lifetime guide and companion.

What we offer:

A training based on this cornerstone of scientific and quantitative investing. Without previous experience, this book is a dry and harsh read. Our senior quants will help you understand its core takeaways, chapter by chapter, through practical exercises requiring some programming (in Python, Julia, C# or C++).

Who is this training for?

Anyone interested in a career in quantitative trading.

Priority will be given to STEM students or graduates, data scientists or IB professionals who can demonstrate a sound level in programming.

Contact us if you are interested in the training.

1-on-1 Training (~4 months): HKD 30,000 total

4-on-1 Training (~4 months): HKD 60,000 total

*Maximum of 5 persons (or small groups) at a time.

Active Portfolio Management

Quantamental Credit Portfolio Management

Between your typical MFE or PhD at University and your first job in a hedge fund, there is a large gap. Competitions for positions such as junior traders is extreme, and let's be honest, all resumes look the same: same not-so-relevant courses, same school projects, etc. Previous internships are a key differentiating factor. These internships are nearly as hard to get as the junior trading positions... All this moves the problem forward: You need relevant experience early on in your career, i.e. way before you graduate, to stand out from the crowd.


What we offer:

- Full access to a high-yield corporate bonds portfolio (worth ~ USD 150k) to learn the basics of credit portfolio management (for a period of 6 months)

- Training on analyzing corporate bonds and building a diversified portfolio

- Using a REST API to pull information and submit orders

Who is this training for?

STEM students aiming at getting into trading and portfolio management;
Particularly relevant for those having a keen interest in Credit.

Contact us if you are interested in the training.

1-on-1 Training (~6 months): HKD 30,000 total

*Note that this training can only be offered to a single person at a time for a period of 6 months.

Credit Portfolio Management
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