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HKML EduTech

Our mission is to re-train STEM students

so that they are successful in top tier quantitative firms.

Our services:

  • Train for algorithm & data structure interviews

  • Learn Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Trading

  • Learn how to build a Crypto Trading Bot on Binance

  • Trade Crypto Market Neutral Strategies (Sharpe 3)

  • Assess your current quantitative skills

  • Free daily practice questions

Sign up here for daily quant & data science interview practice. It's free.

Done! You are now set up for intense training :)

Get ready for interviews at:
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Sample Problem

Sample Quant / Data Science Challenges

ML Quant Strategy
Decent Sharpe Ratio
Third-party News Sentiment

Receive directly in your mailbox one interview question a day, and get ready to interview at top hedge funds, banks, and tech companies.

Roast My CV

Unleash Your Potential with Brutally Honest Feedback

Ignite Your Career Path with 'Roast My CV'!

Dive into the fiery pit of honest, no-holds-barred CV critique from seasoned finance pros. Transform your resume from lukewarm to blazing hot and stand out in the competitive world of hedge funds.


Are you ready to turn up the heat on your career journey?

With 'Roast My CV', we don't just review your resume; we put it through the wringer. Our team of seasoned quants will dissect every line, challenging your achievements and questioning your experience, all to help you craft a CV that stands out in the toughest of crowds.

Why choose 'Roast My CV'?

  • Expert Insights: Our team comprises experienced professionals who've been where you want to go. They know what hedge funds are looking for and what makes a CV go from the inbox to the interview pile.

  • Constructive Brutality: We're honest, sometimes brutally so. But our goal is simple: to help you see your CV through the eyes of a potential employer and make it bulletproof.

  • Personalized Experience: Every CV is different, and so is our approach. We tailor our feedback to suit your unique experiences and career aspirations.

How it works

  • Pay and Send Your CV: Complete the payment of HKD 200, and then send your CV to 
    Please, use the same email address you used for the payment to help us match your payment with your CV. 

  • The Roast Begins: Within 48 hours, our experts begin their meticulous review, leaving no stone unturned.

  • Receive Constructive Feedback: You'll received detailed, actionable feedback that not only highlights areas for improvement but also guides you on how to make those changes.

Are you ready to face the roast and emerge stronger? If yes, Roast My CV is your first step towards success.


Roast My CV
360 Technical Assessment

360 Technical Assessment

Do you have the skills to get into top quant firms?

We can help you assess objectively your current level, and draw the path together to get there!


At HKML EduTech, we have developed a thorough process to understand where you stand, and what you need to do next.


We are also partnering with head-hunting firms and hiring companies to thoroughly assess their candidates. If you are interested in our services, contact us here for a quote.

About us

About us

We are a bunch of data scientists and quantitative researchers from the Hong Kong Machine Learning community (

We are passionate about education, and improving our knowledge day by day.

This is why we have started this service which we hope will serve well the broader Quant Data Science community.

Happy learning!


If you have any further inquiries please do reach out to:

Business Development Team
Mobile: +852-9153-4234

What HKML EduTech alumni say...

“Participating in HKML EduTech’s training program, with the help of their well established quants in the industry, helped me to understand the challenges that professionals face in their day-to-day life. The 1-on-1 code review sessions with an expert were truly a great pedagogical experience. Completing a systematic quant project from A to Z, under the supervision of a quant, taught me invaluable skills that gave me a competitive edge in my technical interviews.”

Berke Aslan engineer quant HKML alumni

Our alumni got offers from Goldman Sachs, Polymer Capital Management, BFAM Partners, Millennium Management, and various other hedge funds.  

Our Alumni
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